Description: Trap Instrumental with EDM influence. 808 bass driven with a huge trap edm drop after the first minute of this banging club instrumental. For the dance floors and DJs.

Description: A summer vibe chilling instrumental. Nice pads, strings and acoustic guitar with a solid and groovy drum breakbeat. Very happy, fun beat to enjoy at the beach and under the sun.

Description: Heavy 808 bass for this rap instrumental for the clubs & discos. Really big on the low end, featuring a catchy synth melody. A Lil Wayne and Young Money type of Instrumental.

Description: A Drake type of Club Hip Hop Instrumental. A really heavy on the bass rap beat for rappers & singers with some swag. Simple and catchy melody, few percussions and a very huge low end to make the club go crazy.

Description: A victory and street anthem for the ghetto and for the people who tried hard and finally made it. Full of strings, epic brasses and heavy kick and bass for a real and unique anthem. Many fx, this Young Jeezy type instrumental will make you feel great.

Description: Dirty South Hip Hop Instrumental with a sad feel / vibe to it. Very emotional music with church organs, synths, strings, huge low end and much more.

Description: R&B Instrumental with a Pop twist. Very soft and melodic music for a calm but catchy beat featuring a grand piano, 808 drums and few synths. Very peaceful and intense instrumental for singers, Alicia Keys alike.

Description: An Epic Dirty South Hip Hop Instrumental for Rappers or Rap Singers but also great as background music for a powerful and energetic video. Driven by crazy snare rolls and a big and heavy 808 bass line. A truly bouncy and huge instrumental with fast triplet hi-hats. A real anthem track.

Description: A Smooth & funky Piano Instrumental for background music or singers & rappers. A relaxed atmosphere for videos. Big and calm piano for a contemplative and passionate mood.Get your feelings out on this beat.

Description: EDM Trap Instrumental for parties and discos. Dance all night to this beat with a huge low end bass that will make people want to dance the night away at the Club. High pitched synth for a catchy melody.

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