Description: Driving adventurous rock background music. Ideal for commercials, sports videos, film, video games, etc.

Description: Festive logo opener with christmas wonder atmosphere. Ideal for inspirational projects.

Description: Beautiful inspiring ambient background music. Ideal for presentations, corporate videos, youtube videos, documentary, film, and any other media project.

Description: Positive inspiring ukulele track. Ideal for your media.

Description: Light upbeat corporate motivational background music. Ideal for presentation, slideshow, inspirational and motivational videos, promotion videos, commercials, website, etc.

Description: Cheerful fast energetic fun rock and roll music. Ideal for fun advertisings, TV commercials, presentation, slideshow, youtube videos, video games, film, radio, documentaries and any other media that inquires fun cheerful happy carefree atmosphere.

Description: Pumping, upbeat and catchy rock background music. Ideal for your media.

Description: Fast energetic background rock music with bright lead and solo guitars. Ideal for your media.

Description: Aggressive punchy industrial metal background music. Featuring explosive distortion guitars, massive bass, blasting drums, and biting synths. Ideal for extreme sports videos, fighting video games, action film, and every media that needs powerful, dangerous, anxious, aggressive, blasting music background.

Description: Cheerful happy background ukulele music. Ideal for presentations, slideshows, commercials, and any other media that's fun, cheerful and happy.

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