Description: Hard banging EDM club kicks, funky hats and percussion, TB-303 acid synth lines, trance arp chord pads, smooth electric bass, and spacey effects / Composed for an action-racing game or an action TV-film cue.

Description: Ambient chord pads, ambient drones, smooth low analog moog bass, crisp and punchy kicks and snares, sharp hats, bell trees, lush classical and twelve string acoustic guitar melodies, and bright triangles / Perfect cue for any TV show or Film that needs smooth, relaxing, meditative modern contemporary world music

Description: Thick layered analog synth lead melody, panning vocal chord pad, deep trance synth bass, a smooth distorted electric guitar melody, big powerful synth rises, background piano melodies, powerful and clean kicks-snares, and crisp hats / Perfect cue for any TV show or Film that needs powerful synth pop with a very catchy melody

Description: A positive epic piano-synth-bass pattern made to sound like a sample, big thick layered analog synth chord pads, thick analog lead fill synths doubled by vibes, synth rises, deep sub bass, and detailed trap drum programming / Think Post Malone "Congratulations" Ft Quavo type beat

Description: Powerful 80's style analog synth chord stabs, low electric bass guitar, live drums, banging drum machines, old-school hip-hop drum loops, crisp percussion, smooth jazzy Rhodes chords, a lead flute and electric guitar melody line, lush pads, and mute jazz electric guitar. Perfect cue for a film or TV show that needs a synth pop instrumental that combines the 80's with the sounds of today.

Description: Delay electro bass, hard 909 thumping kick, 909 claps and hats, 80's style synth stabs, old-school beat-box drum loops, 303 acid synth filter patterns, filter drums loops, lush panning chord pads, and a haunting low vocal pad drone melody / Perfect cue for a TV show or Film that needs old-school style Chicago House or Acid House music

Description: Powerful African drums, low big kick drum, hand drums, steel drums, congas, bongos, shakers, triangle, low synth drones, low pulsating electric bass, and world pan flutes. Perfect cue for a film that needs African percussive music or a nature Nat geo style TV show or documentary.

Description: A processed and re-sampled live grand piano motif melody, dirty jazzy acoustic bass, 808 bass drops, lo-fi analog synth fills, dark orchestral strings, and detailed dirty MPC East Coast swing style drum programming / Think Q-Tip and A Tribe Called Quest style East Coast Jazzy beat

Description: Smooth Rhodes chords and melody, lush strings, deep analog sub bass, strong and powerful swing kick-snares, crisp hats and rides, bell tree stabs, a smooth distorted electric guitar lead, and a smooth jazz piano solo / Perfect cue for any TV show or film that needs crisp and clean instrumental jazzy pop-rock with hip-hop swing drums

Description: Lush ambient choir and vocals, low dark piano riffs, angelic piano fills, thick layered smooth acoustic guitar chords and fills, deep sub bass, reverberated ambient ethnic drums, orchestral percussion, and down-tempo-hip-hop drum programming / Think Kodak Black & John Wicks "Haiti" type beat

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