Description: Strong synth stabs, a smooth west coast lead moog synth melody, ambient chord pads, pizz string stabs, banging MPC style kick and snares, 808 snare fills, swing hats, old-school hip-hop drum loops, 808 bass boom, and low sub bass / Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs modern underground hip-hop with a powerful sound.

Description: Orchestral synth stabs, turntable cuts, old-school hip-hop drum loops, jungle drum loops, thick analog synth bass, crisp kicks and snares, live electric bass, piano and chord patterns, and vocal stabs / Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs alternative hip-hop mixed with pop and jungle.

Description: Hard banging MPC style kick & snares, crisp hats, spacey sound effects, low synth drones, thick layered trance style synth melodies and stabs, low pounding deep synth bass, and Jungle drum loops / Perfect cue for UFC or fight show background music.

Description: MPC style drum machines, old-school drum loops, smooth electric bass, sub bass drops, piano chord stabs, turntable cuts, ambient sound effects, distorted electric guitar power chords, lush chord pads, and strings / Think House Of Pain works with Staind / Perfect cue for a film or TV show that needs strong alternative hip-hop-rock with a catchy melody.

Description: Thick funky drums, smooth bass, layered rich keyboard, and reggae style piano / think Bob Marley meets Timbaland

Description: A smooth live clean electric guitar riff, mellow flute fills, lush B-3 organ chord stabs, deep and funky 808-sub bass, and driving funky feel good hip-hop drums / Perfect for projects that need funky happy feel good groovy sounds

Description: A smooth clean electric guitar chord pattern, hooky ambient synths and vibes lead melody, deep distorted 808-sub bass, and funky hip-hop / electro drum programming / Perfect for any project that needs dark funky up-tempo hip-hop with film soundtrack style electric guitar

Description: Smooth ambient synth chord stabs, ambient filtered vocal effects and risers, a laidback ambient synth motif melody, deep 808-sub bass, and detailed new-school hip-hop drum programming / Perfect for any project that needs smooth and funky new-school hip-hop sounds

Description: Lush B-3 organ chords, a smooth blend of analog synth, Rhodes, and effects chopped and re-played on the MPC, rich electric bass, and funky smooth lo-fi hip-hop drum programming / Perfect for any project that needs funky lo-fi sounds

Description: Heavenly thick layered pads, a funky motif acoustic bass riff, delayed trumpet and Rhodes fills, congas, lo-fi hip-hop drum loops, and funky hip-hop drum programming / Perfect for any project that needs a relaxing lo-fi hip-hop instrumental

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