Description: Spacey rises, percussive synth stabs, smooth ambient synth melodies, vocal chants, hard pounding MPC style drums, and low 808 sub bass.

Description: A catchy analog lead synth melody, sharp electro synth stabs, panning electro synth fills, distorted electric guitar power chords, angelic string pads, lush piano and string chord patterns, ambient synth fills, hard thumping MPC style drum programming, and low 808 bass boom

Description: A thick layered filtered ambient arpeggiated lead synth and chord pad, ambient sound textures, spacey synth rises and drops, deep sub bass, and very detailed modern trap-urban-pop drum programming / Think Mike Will Made It and Rae Sremmurd

Description: A dreamy ambient ethnic flute, watery percussion, deep distorted 808-sub bass, and detailed modern trap drum programming / Perfect for any project that needs hard, but ambient trap sounds

Description: A smooth electric guitar riff, panning dreamy vocal stabs, deep 808-sub bass, ambient percussion, and detailed ambient trap drum programming / Think calm dreamy sounds with modern detailed ambient trap drums

Description: A smooth blend of ambient pads, piano, and bells, deep sub bass, and hard banging modern trap drum programming / Think smooth reflective ambient vibes with hard banning trap drums

Description: A smooth ambient 12 string acoustic guitar chord pattern chopped and re-played on the MPC with ambient vocal and distorted piano fills added, a deep gritty 808-sub bass, and hard banging modern trap drum programming / Think reflective sounds with hard trap drums

Description: Smooth ambient synth melodies, lush angelic pads, deep sub bass, and crisp modern trap drum programming / Think ambient trap with deep reflective tones

Description: Dreamy ambient synth chords and textures, lush vocal stabs, silky smooth distorted 808 bass, and detailed modern trap drum programming / Think Lil Skies or Rich The Kid type smooth ambient trap beat

Description: Dark ambient crystal pads, heavenly ambient synth fills, deep sub 808 bass, backwards vocal risers, and detailed trap drum programming / Think dark ambient Lil Pump type trap beat

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