Description: Percussive keyboard melodies, ambient sound effects, strong electro synth bass, panning electro synth chord hits, chord pads, strong club drums, and reverb drum hits / Think DJ Tiesto style production / Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs radio-mainstream style trance-dance music.

Description: Delay electro bass, hard 909 thumping kick, 909 claps and hats, 80's style synth stabs, old-school beat-box drum loops, 303 acid synth filter patterns, filter drums loops, lush panning chord pads, and a haunting low vocal pad drone melody / Perfect cue for a TV show or Film that needs old-school style Chicago House or Acid House music

Description: Dark pounding club kicks and snares, crisp hats and percussion, deep sub bass, delay electro synth stabs, percussive synth chord hits, thick layered electro synths, ambient sound effects, and lush chord pads / Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs deep dark ambient club music.

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