Description: Jazzy acoustic bass, old-school trip-hop drum loops, turntable cuts, banging kicks and snares, crisp hats and percussion, smooth tom fills, Rhodes chord stabs, a catchy bell melody, rich strings, and a dirty electric guitar chord pattern. Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs smooth jazzy down-tempo trip-hop with a catchy melody.

Description: A smooth jazzy rhodes riff, funky shakers, funky and punchy kicks and snares, swing hats, vocal stabs, smooth electric guitar bass, bass heavy old-school drum loops, lush strings, wah guitar chords, and turntable cuts. Perfect cue for a alcohol or beer commercial or a film or TV show that needs happy smooth lounge style trip-hop.

Description: Reverb echo distorted guitar line, jazz rhodes hits, 808 boom, crisp banging drums, & a analog keyboard chord pattern / think 90s meets today

Description: Old school funky drum loop, thick banging kick & snare, acoustic bass, horn & organ stabs, & a jazz piano riff / think modern day Digable Planets

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