Description: Hip-Hop / Pop style drum machines, 80's arpeggiated synth bass, analog keyboard chord hits, and a very catchy synth lead / think TV or radio advertisement or a TV cue for a show based in the 80's

Description: Acoustic guitar strums, live electric bass guitar, live drums and percussion, B-3 organ, and an electric guitar lead / think TV or radio advertisement or TV show theme

Description: Prince style Linn drum machine programming, funky percussion, thick analog moog synths, smooth electric bass guitar, and a 80's style synth lead / Composed for a TV advertisement or TV-film cue that needs 80's throwback sounds with today's punch and power.

Description: Funky MPC style swing drum programming, smooth electric bass guitar, jazzy vibe-Rhodes chord stabs, and a catchy lead melody played by distorted electric guitar and horns / Composed for ads that need funky organic jazzy Hip-Hop.

Description: A smooth arp synth bass line, pumping electro drums, organic percussion, an angelic percussive vocal loop, spacey sound effects, and two very catchy lead hook melodies played by a trance style synth, flute, piano, and strings / Composed for ads that need smooth laid back electro synth-pop with a different kind of twist.

Description: A massive techno-trance style synth riff, a hooky lead synth melody, orchestral stabs, a powerful thumping club kick, big bright and thick claps, and a panning hat / Composed for ads that need big powerful electronic dance music with a positive upbeat melody.

Description: A funky old-school drum loop, MPC swing kick and snare, low chest pounding 808 bass, old-school horn stabs, 80's keyboard fills, turntable cuts, and an arp chord pattern / Composed for ads that need old-school 80's / 90's Hip-Hop with a modern sounds.

Description: Thick layered electro synths, wah guitar stabs, spacey rises, punchy kicks, bright powerful snares, funky crisp hats, swing shakers, and a very catchy piano-synth lead melody / Composed for ads that need happy uplifting electro-pop.

Description: Jazzy piano chord stabs, smooth acoustic bass, rich trumpets playing the same melody as the acoustic bass, B-3 organ chords, vibe chord stabs, and funky live drums and percussion / Composed for ads that need funky organic live jazzy pop-rock.

Description: Lush layered chord pads, a strong thumping trance style kick, crisp claps, clean swing style MPC hats, electro percussion, and a catchy electric piano and bell melody / Composed for ads that need smooth flowing bouncing electronic synth pop.

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