Description: Reverb drum hits, low acoustic bass, deep string lines, sharp string lines, bright percussion, driving drums at the end / think TV Theme show or film trailer

Description: A percussive synth bass line, sharp low string hits, orchestral percussion, darbouka percussion, an electric guitar lead, rock guitar power chords, a hooky piano and flute melody, and live drums / think TV theme show music or film cue

Description: Ambient chord pads and drones, big epic lush orchestral string lead melodies, live grand piano, electric bass guitar, and live ambient pop-rock drums / Composed for a TV or film epic sad drama or sad romance scene

Description: Sharp electric piano chord stabs, a very hooky lead string melody, thick layered analog synth riffs, classic house organ synth bass, deep electro synth bass, trance synth fills, pumping MPC swing style kicks & snares, and bright and funky hats & percussion / Composed for a TV action or TV drama.

Description: An underwater sounding chord pad, lush violins, smooth distorted electric guitar, piano, and vibes all playing the same unforgettable melody, funky 70's synth bass stabs, funky distorted organ chord stabs, gritty MPC style drum programming, and live hand percussion / Composed for a TV action or drama.

Description: Delayed electronic percussion, low dark synth drones, a haunting mysterious layered electric piano melody, a distorted hip-hop drum loop, deep electric bass guitar, orchestral percussion stabs, and trippy reverse sound effects / Composed for a TV Space-Future-Science Fiction or a Dark TV Drama.

Description: Three pizzicato string lines, backwards metallic percussion, an angelic flutola flute, a percussive kalimba lead melody, a solid four on the floor kick drum, and a driving udo percussion loop / Composed for a TV Mystery or Who done It show.

Description: A delayed synth motif, distorted Rhodes and piano chords, lush angelic chord pads, live electric fuzz bass, bright ethnic percussion, live drums blended with thumping electronic drums, and a smooth clean electric guitar lead / Perfect cue for a film or TV show that needs catchy instrumental pop / rock.

Description: A futuristic arpeggiated chord pattern, smooth funky electric bass, a funky drum loop, thumping kicks, bright snares, trance style synth stabs, a powerful lead string melody, and a spacey piano outro / Composed for a Futuristic TV show that would appear on the Syfy Channel

Description: A panning electric guitar percussive riff, driving electric bass guitar, low analog synth tones, lush string chords, driving live drums, and a catchy lead piano melody / Composed for a TV Drama, TV Action, or Cop Show

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