Description: Spacey rises, percussive synth stabs, smooth ambient synth melodies, vocal chants, hard pounding MPC style drums, and low 808 sub bass.

Description: A catchy analog lead synth melody, sharp electro synth stabs, panning electro synth fills, distorted electric guitar power chords, angelic string pads, lush piano and string chord patterns, ambient synth fills, hard thumping MPC style drum programming, and low 808 bass boom

Description: Orchestral string hits, low dubstep wobble bass, strong banging drums, crisp percussion, and a distorted electric rhodes melody line / think TV or Film cue that could work for many various scenes

Description: Thick and banging MPC swing style kicks, snares, hats, and percussion, panning string stabs, low sub bass, jazz piano chord hits, and harp & electric guitar fills / Perfect loop for a project that needs organic west coast hip-hop with a laid back vibe / Loop is 8 bars at 80 BPM

Description: Thick layered trance style synth hook melodies, haunting & lush choir chord pads, high-end west coast style synth leads, low 808 bass boom, old-school drum loops, trap style high-hats, and banging snares / Think Lil John meets Lex Luger meets Dr Dre / The perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs dark and bass heavy dirty south-trap music with a west coast touch

Description: A dubstep loop in the vein of Skrillex that's perfect for any TV, Film, Game, Web, or Advertisement that needs strong dubstep sounds

Description: Thick layered lead synth keyboard melodies, low distorted synth stabs, wobble bass, low sub bass and bass drops, delay percussion hits, and hard dubstep drums / Think Skrillex style track / This could work for any TV or Film cue as well as any advertisement, web page, or game that needs strong driving dubstep sounds

Description: Banging break-beat drums, crisp percussion and high-hats, deep analog synth bass, 303 acid synth lines, old-school drum loops, 808 bass boom, and warm analog synth melodies / Think Timbaland works with A-Trak / This could work for any TV or Film cue that needs a strong club style track

Description: A dubstep loop in the vein of Jakwob that would work perfect for any game, web, TV, Film, or Ad that needed strong dubstep sounds

Description: Japanese Koto melodies, shaker, gong rolls, orchestral cymbal hits, dholki & kahon percussion parts, and lush chord pad / perfect for a film or TV cue that needs minimal sounding Japanese music with a modern twist

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