Description: Jazzy acoustic track with a slightly Spanish feel to it. Uses wholly acoustic guitar except for a bit of flute and organ towards the end, Sincere tone throughout.

Description: Desert blues song that's heavy rhythm orientatied as well as letting the guitar solos ramble on freely. Very cool and relaxed at the same time. In the key of D minor.

Description: Folk track using slide and acoustic guitars as well as piano. A relaxed and mellow tone until the pianos come in and make it more uplifting.

Description: Mysterious, lurking track using eastern scales. It's got a cold blooded reptilian feeling. Kind of uneasy creeping feel from this one.

Description: Upbeat acoustic track using several guitars and drums to inspire a happy feel good groove.

Description: Acoustic guitar tune in Eminor key. Got a kind of baroque gothic quality to it. Relaxed but kind of sad mood to this i think.

Description: Sparse slide guitar loop that gives the impression that you're stuck in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do and no one to do it with. Approximately one minute long.

Description: Old style Mississippi Delta blues slide guitar in open G tuning. Can be looped seamlessly.

Description: Cheerful acoustic track that veers towards the pop genre. This could be used for any project where optimism and a natural feel are the key components.

Description: A slow trance-like track with ambient science fiction elements to it.

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