Description: Elegant and mysterious piano and string track. A main piano melody plays throughout. Gradually violins are included to back up the piano melody. The result is a slightly haunting and mystical tone.

Description: Somber and unsettling track. Sporadic piano notes ring out while creepy textures play in the background. Quite a tense and desolate tone to this with a haunting bluesy feel to it.

Description: A sentimental but powerful acoustic track with mandolin and heavy bass drum stomps. Has a very triumphant feel to it, especially as it gets busier towards the end.

Description: Grandiose ballad making use of acoustic guitars, mandolins, percussion and strings. Conveys a very strong sentimental tone. Would be ideal for ambitious projects that aim to be unashamadly epic.

Description: Mellow but upbeat acoustic guitar track with lvery ight percussion, Got a positive relaxed vibe about it that continues throughout.

Description: Elegant piano track with a nice little melody that builds into a climactic chorus using heavy chords. Could be used as a lullaby. It's got a sentimental and wholesome mood to it throughout.

Description: A Jazzy hiphop fusion track. Combines vinyl scratches and a hip hop beat with jazz percussion and piano chords. It's got a very upbeat funky groove feeling. Sounds like European artists like Paris St. Germain.

Description: A steady rhythm blues rock song with a country swing. It projects an upbeat confident tone throughout using acoustic and electric guitars as well as percussion and bass.

Description: Folk track using slide and acoustic guitars as well as piano. A relaxed and mellow tone until the pianos come in and make it more uplifting.

Description: Guitar and drum driven track with a alot of focus on the rhythm and guitar solo's. Has a bit of Neil Young & Crazy Horse in it during the verses.

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