Description: Soft and calm electronic background track with a minimalist sound. Ideal for innovative, technological, medical, scientific and other media projects.

Description: TV advertising track is great for commercials and various presentations, acoustic guitar, strings and drums. Light music is also a great backdrop for high-tech presentations and various promotions.

Description: The epic orchestral track is suitable for slideshows, movies, games, trailers, videos. In the track you will hear violins, violas, cellos, double basses, a brass band made of glass beads, trombones, trumpets, a percussion ensemble and sound design.

Description: Clockwork youth music track for the sound of modern videos, dance videos, a great background for a slideshow about the modern guys.

Description: A touching romantic music track is suitable for any topic from romantic slide shows about happy meetings with your girlfriend to various presentations, promo, YouTube, drones, video blogs, sound salons, shops and media projects.

Description: Powerful dramatic music track for action movies, historical, heroic, war movies, video games.

Description: Stylish positive melody in the style of hip-hop is great for a variety of videos, YouTube, video blog, funny videos.

Description: Theatrical instrumental theme in the genre of hip-hop, played with piano, vibraphone and electric guitars, comical and energetic in mood, suitable for visual scenarios, imbued with humor, jokes and carefree sarcasm.

Description: Positive and inspiring promo. Touching pleasant soothing music track. Great background at articulating a variety of promotional, video, vlogging, YouTube, salons, supermarkets.

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