Description: Wild West, cartoon style piece combining plucky accoustic guitar and Honky Tonk piano to create stereotypical cowboy gambling environment, useful for cartoon, video game or comedy projects.

Description: The atmosphere of an old-time Parisian music hall is conjured up by this waltz for accordion and chamber orchestra - with a touch of kitsch. perfect for visuals with a French theme.

Description: Plaintive piano chords with orchestral backing. Highly emotionally charged with delicate flute motif.

Description: Fast aced Spanish theme featuring maracas, Spanish guitar and catchy hand claps suggesting Flamenco style Spanish style music. The fast paced catchy melody features lots of Spanish tradition, colour and energy, perfect for creating a Spain theme or Western feel to a scene. Ideal for food or Tapas style food theme music for marketing.

Description: Bright, breezy children's tune with joyous cascading xylophone melody and silly, slurred retro synthesizer. Suitable for kids media/cartoons.

Description: Light childrens tune with bubbly melody, suggesting playful activity. Fragile middle boasts cheerpy percussion and electric piano.

Description: Ominous solo guitar leads into heavy-duty thrash metal riff. Breakdown introduces a short period of reflection before the madness begins again.

Description: Picked guitars and breathy flute melody with sweeping choral passages evoking a dramatic rural scene.

Description: Dramatic James Bond/John Barry-style track. Features insistent harpsichord-based riff, short sax solo, tympani, drums, strings and horns. Track is in several parts, building from a quiet beginning and including horn stabs, building to an epic conclusion.

Description: Full vocal edition of the classic Christmas Carol featuring Marie-Clare Scott backed by instrumentals from Purple Planet Music. Full of inspiration and emotion implying a classic Christmas season atmosphere.

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