Description: Progressive piano chords create inspiring feel created to imply happiness and beauty. Very inspirational track useful for commercial advertising or corporate use.

Description: Slow and casual guitar combined with electric keyboard provide a cool, calm melody suggesting thinking, planning or concentrating on something which takes time and patience. A very calm track with a corporate edge, very useful for business projects or presentation themes.

Description: Fast paced track featuring electric guitar, fast drum beats and inspirational strings designed for implying uplifting motivational success. Very useful to convey success or achievement in a sport event or provide uplifting edge to a promotional intro or highlight reel. Track features many highs and feel good elements offering inspiration and competitive aspects.

Description: Inspiring electric guitar licks backed with a slow building motivation beat. The melody was designed to imply striving for success, meeting goals and achieving dreams. A theme designed for sport, charity or teamwork to create a positivity and motivation.

Description: Positive electric guitar with confident energetic drums combine to make an inspiring, motivational background theme suitable for sport or achievement project. The track was designed to convey a sense of achievement, winning and meeting goals making it ideal for corporate use promote teamwork and success.

Description: Flowing electronic background washes overlaid with electric guitar and vibrant drums create a colourful, progressive theme ideal for technology, logistics or to convey motion and progression. The track itself contains slight futuristic elements and works well for corporate business themes.

Description: An array of electric background effects combine with electric guitar and drums, which provide an energetic melody designed for sporting themes to convey winning or striving to achieve goals. The melody is confident and positive making it good for teamwork or working together style projects.

Description: Comforting wind and acoustic instrumentation combine creating an easy, warm, flowing melody containing casual everyday elements which make it ideal for travel or documentary themes, or to imply a serene relaxing getaway and relief.

Description: Casual upbeat electric guitar and modern climatic drum rolls create an inspiring and motivated track full of energy and desire. Great for conveying positive success or achievement which could be for sport, corporate or education.

Description: Positive and motivational electric guitar themed track with a modern corporate styled edge. Very useful for creating the sense of achievement or being in a positive frame of mind. Very uplifting and great for corporate background music projects.

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