Description: Bright simple piano chords and distant chimes create a simplistic melody useful to promote products such as a new product on the market which is simplistic and modern such as a tablet, cell phone or phone app. Very useful for financial advertising in particular and can also very useful for love, romance or emotional film production scenes.

Description: Lively modern rock track featuring electric guitar licks and upbeat drums provides useful music to imply success or positive motivation for corporate or business advertisements. The melody is very colorful and uplifting and suggests a sense of freedom and achieving dreams.

Description: Serious Electric guitar chords begin to build a dramatic suspenseful melody as drums and synths are gradually introduced providing a dramatic build to the track adding more volume with subtle cymbal crashes. As each verse lifts in volume, guitar licks gradually become more and more intense as each instrument finally pieces together to create a very modern suspenseful style track elements that suggest murder investigation and crime related scenario.

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