Description: Progressive piano chords create inspiring feel created to imply happiness and beauty. Very inspirational track useful for commercial advertising or corporate use.

Description: Hard driving electric guitars and drums combine to create an uplifting electric Rock track full of energy and colour. Very useful sport background or sport theme music to imply success, winning, succeeding or trying hard. There is a strong element of belief in the melody, great for happy end scenes of accomplishing dreams.

Description: Inspirational piano chords backed with motivational electric guitar and elegant synth washes create an ideal motivational track designed to inspire and tell a story of achievement. The melody has many emotional climaxes implying happiness and success making it very useful for tribute or sports motivational projects.

Description: Modern contemporary background track suitable for video presentations or transitions to provide a stylish, cool, crisp sense of production. Synth electronics and contemporary piano add a slight futuristic feel to the track. Very useful for documentary, video production and portfolio end use.

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