Description: Combined traditional Japanese chant with "Hollywood"-sounding orchestration; Epic/ Dramatic. For fans of Sigur Ros, Two Steps From Hell, etc.

Description: Somber, yet uplifting and reassuring cue.

Description: Horror/ scary / chilling orchestral cue. Will make you jump out of your seat, but still has an awesome brass theme.

Description: Chase scene/ action scene. Crazy, high-drama. Swelling trumpets over an intense orchestra and driving percussion.

Description: Highly emotional cue with male vocals, classical guitar, and orchestra.

Description: Low, somber strings with chimes. Like standing in the rain at night.

Description: Unsure, unsettling, dark, orchestral cue.

Description: High "ping" with low strings and choir; dizzy and unsure feeling cue.

Description: Uplifting, reflective, cue with a peaceful ending.

Description: Processional fanfare; Orchestral. Joyous, epic and uplifting. Can be looped.

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