Description: This ambient energetic track, written in a heavy industrial style with elements of hard rock and dubstep. Well illustrates the beauty and power of nature. Perfect for extreme videos, commercials and other projects.

Description: Very positive, joyful, humorous track. Perfect for commercial use: advertising, corporate video, promotional, after effects projects and etc.

Description: Vibrant and dynamic track. Pastiche of music for films about James Bond seventies or eighties with a little modern samples. Perfect for film, computer games, advertising, promotions or trailer.

Description: This is a fun, colorful and joyous music is perfect for children’s parties, cartoons or computer games. The track uses a lot of funny sounds.

Description: Very energetic and powerful variation on the theme "Carol of the Bells". Features deep distortion electro guitar, hard rhythm. Perfect for trailer, promotion, movies, also as a soundtrack.

Description: Deep in the dungeon gods forge an invincible weapon ... Very energetic, strong track. This epic music can be used as movie trailer, soundtrack for film or game.

Description: Long track for your successful project! Very energetic, dynamic, epic corporate motivational uplifting music with magnificent development. Features powerful strings rhythm and surround drums. Perfect for corporate videos, promotions, advertising, news programs, news block, after effects, web and TV projects. Possibly also interested in main and loop versions of the track: "UPBEAT BUSINESS" and "UPBEAT BUSINESS loop".

Description: This funny music can used as track for computer game, music for cartoon, kids party or another holidays.

Description: Long energizing track for your successful corporate movie! Very energetic, dynamic, ambient corporate motivational music, like a flight a bird). Features powerful strings rhythm, ambient acoustic piano and modern beat. Perfect for corporate videos, promotions, advertising, news programs, news block, after effects, web, radio and TV production. Also presented short and loop versions!

Description: Funny music for children. Track can be used as the music for commercials, cartoons or at children’s parties.

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