Description: This calm, yet forward-moving piece is ideal for voice-overs, corporate presentations or any suitable projects, e.g. advertisements. An ever evolving synthline, playful bass, together with soft guitars and a majestic horn section keep a positive atmosphere throughout the whole track. Ready to be looped.

Description: Dominican republic bachata dance style instrumental piece with a short piano and strings introduction.

Description: Another one in the 'Corporate Dimension' series of inspiring corporate / background music tracks. Great for voiceovers, video blogs, business presentations, youtube content or any other relevant projects like TV commercials and documentaries.

Description: An upbeat piece full of life, fun and youthful energy with a playful marimba, guitars and drums. Great not just as a representation of a newfound joy in learning and discovering the world around us, but also for any positively oriented (for instance 'happy children playing') content.

Description: An atmospheric piece starting with a meditation - a mystical and relaxing first half; later transcended and transformed into a rejuvenating second half - with a simple, yet beautiful theme enriched by an orchestra and a choir.

Description: Synths, orchestra and drums in dramatic action. A game level music suitable for arcade genre, shooters or any other action-packed content.

Description: This catchy tune was made to fight the days when one doesn’t even feel like getting up… At first a whistling motif is introduced, only to gather more accompanying instruments (claps,guitars,horn/string section) in the process, eventually reaching a full sounding “feel good” finale! Positive mood guaranteed.

Description: Contemplating the gift of life and its everyday miracles… with a gentle, touching piano and several other intricately woven orchestra instruments and tender vocals.

Description: An energetic track with latin instruments, a catchy melody, and a rhythm and horn section filled with Rio’s carnival flavor. Dedicated to all the soccer/football fans out there.

Description: The spirit of ‘Silent Night’ captured with children's choir and dressed in symphonic clothes. Peaceful atmosphere, powerful orchestra build-up and a gentle vocal ending.

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