Description: Romantic,relaxing instrumental,easy listening,laid back.Suit film, documentary.Has sixties feel.Slow tempo. Guitar ,piano,strings,drums.

Description: Traditional sounding country song.Easy listening nostalgic.Story regrets of past.Features piano.Ideal for film.Soap,Commercial,bar,

Description: Beatles like song.Sixties sound.Pop.Courtship.

Description: Romantic Carpenters,Abba style song Easy listening.Lonelyness. Hope..Male female vocals.

Description: Barbershop sounding song.Lots of harmony.Easy listening.Early.About movin on.Good old film song.

Description: Traditional Rock and Roll.Sixties.Swinging.Upbeat music,Suit dancing film.Rockabilly.

Description: Quirky Instrumental.Would suit cartoon with anything on the march.Very repetitive.Ideal for Comedy scene.Silent film. Animation

Description: Childrens instrumental very simple. ideal for childrens TV Series or cartoon.Happy.

Description: Very short piece.Heavy drums leading an advancing army.Threatening.fearful.

Description: Children and adults song about the power and fun of walking.

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