Description: This is a very gent relaxing piano cello version of a well known New Years Song.Ideal for chilling out or underscore cues.

Description: This is a charming traditional version of Jingle Bells.Ideal for all those Christmas settings.

Description: A short happy uplifting piano rag.Ideal for 20s-40s underscore,cues.Keystone Cops.Silent film.Old west cowboys.

Description: Short fast Russian sounding dance piano polka piece.Ideal for underscore or Eastern European cues.Silent films.

Description: A short quirky oompha kids cartoon instrumental. Ideal for animation.-sshhh whos coming

Description: A short quirky piano instrumental.Ideal for silent film,cartoon,corporate.Animation.,Keystone Cops.Underscore.Shuusss Whos Coming?

Description: Fast comedy piano rag.Ideal for film,cartoon,western,kids.Roaring 40s-20s.Keystone Cops.Has screams and gunshots in second half,silent films.

Description: This is a very happy lively honky tonk piano rag.Ideal for cowboy cues.Deep South showboat theater cues.Silent films or riverboat.

Description: Short fast piano polka ideal for Russian Eastern European cues and underscore.Also has a mixture of boogie.Silent films.

Description: This is a short kids instrumental.Ideal for underscore.jingle,corporate,kids programming.Very simple.

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