Description: “Aggressive Dubstep” is a looped track or loop. Seamless. It’s very aggressive and terror sound. Like a gun. Real gun. Minigun! Urban feel. Terror like a bad guy. Tension like a rock. Scary like your fear. Powerful like a boxer. Industrial like it sounds. Heavy like a mountain. Hard like a sportsmen. Evil like a hell. It drive you crazy.

Description: “Simple Dubstep Loop” is a seamless lopped track. Or just loop. It’s just simple dubstep style drop. Good for any of your production like a video or film. Intro of your podcast show or introduction of your radio\TV show. It almost crazy.

Description: "Positive Ukulele and Happy Party" is a positive and motivational business / corporate track. This uplifting corporate track give you give you feeling of business success, productivity, sales and growth. It's ideal for all corporate media! It's great for videos, animations, films and podcasts! A lot of good vibes and funky ukulele!

Description: “Light Glitchy Dub” is glitch or dubstep style looped track. It’s seamless loop. it’s calm and bright. Very warm and glitchy sound. Nice drum and string. Tremolo choir and groovy drums. Just great track for your video, film, TV, commercial, introduction logo – any productions.

Description: “Dubstep Super Star” is a seamless loop track in dubstep or brostep style. Very Datsik style with hip-hop feeling and groovy drum pattern. Nice dubstep bass is cool and punchy sound. Little sound design in beckground of track (like scream “no”). Terror and tense, punchy and groovy, cool and fresh, nice and wobble.

Description: "Turn This Hard" is a heavy track based on a distorted guitar riff, heavy drums and punchy bass guitar. It's perfectly for vocals and guitar solo. Tempo - 111 BPM. You can cut, copy and past parts and make your own arrangement. Also, it's perfectly fit in action film or aggresive video. It's punchy, groovy and epic.

Description: “Epic Orchestra Hip Hop Beat” is a beat for cool rap. It’s instumental has orchestra music and awesome groove. Funky drums and awesome strings, windwoods and cello makes sound amazing and inspiration.

Description: track for fashion show and events

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