Description: An upbeat Halloween song with a cute and classic melody, reminding us that Halloween is just as much fun as it is scary. Great for youtube videos, slideshows, commercials, film, or video games!

Description: Perfect for modern trailers, this cinematic track features electric guitar, orchestral elements such as strings, brass, and percussion, distorted heavy guitars, and huge drums. The song builds until the huge climatic culmination of all parts. Purely Epic.

Description: Sad Ghost Story is a piece that evokes the sadness of a misguided spirit using quiet piano and harp melodies. A haunting choir, violin, and other orchestral elements enter the piece giving a feeling of hope and sadness at the same time. Great for scary youtube videos, eerie short films, or any video project requiring some paranormal suspense.

Description: This epic orchestral film trailer music can be used to promote your project in grand fashion. It begins with a sweeping intro, pounding drums, and fast violin passages. It then evolves into full orchestral hits that bring you to a rising crescendo and ends with a bass-filled heart pounding hit. Perfect for movie trailers, video games, youtube videos, or any type of promotional video!

Description: Intense percussion, drums, and a thumping bass underscore run through this hybrid orchestral high tension track.

Description: This track loops seamlessly. A slow drone with creepy pianos, low cello moans, and supernatural squeals.

Description: Kick back and relax to this seamlessly looping smooth hip hop track featuring a jazzy piano, a tight beat, and soothing vocal samples.

Description: Dark and edgy electronic dance music.

Description: Upbeat orchestral music in the style of many holiday classics!

Description: Dark and futuristic music featuring bass synths, guitars, and orchestral elements.

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