Description: Intense Powerful Action Trailer is an epic hybrid, cinematic, and energetic track perfect for trailers, action movies or TV shows, gaming videos, promos, reels and any dramatic action project that needs a fast, pounding, building and thundering track with intense energy.

Description: A cheerful, happy and light track with uplifting plucked guitar, synth and piano melodies, and an optimistic, carefree and upbeat vibe. Perfect for today’s advertising and commercials, corporate videos and presentations, children’s projects, youth oriented media, YouTube videos and more.

Description: This inspirational hip hop track is perfect for sports, training, fitness, cars, battle, fashion, cinematic, trailer or any kind of projects, titles, intros, advertisements, presentations or commercials where you need a positive yet bold vibe and attitude.

Description: Hard and energetic upbeat, hybrid indie rock track with catchy, aggressive guitar riff, strong layered rock bass, and bass synth. Strong beat with a driving rhythm, and lots of background synth elements adding to the rhythmic confidence and power of this music. A siren wailing in the background turns on the heat. A powerful ending is perfect for your brand and/or logo elements.

Description: A subdued and mysterious intro sets the mood with a hint of whats to come. Epic ostinatos build in intensity soon joined by low strings and massive brass chords. A heroic horn melody soars over the top and is soon accompanied by epic choirs. A key change drives the intensity to new heights of excitement as the tracks flows to the outro section that builds and builds in intensity finalizing with a massive ending and a short outro from the synth arp that started the track, perfect for your logos and credits.

Description: An epic, heroic expansive track with a big cinematic feel. A customary whooshing sub boom, is followed by mysterious synth key parts that are then joined by staccato string ostinatos picking up the pace. The tension builds with ever increasingly complex epic drums followed by a big drop at the center. The action picks up and a theme on horns, that builds with each repetition is belted out, laced with incricate backing strings. The piece builds and drives to a big ending that recalls the sub boom and key parts.

Description: A powerful, moody, mysterious yet bold trailer. An ambient opening sets the mood, synth pulses leading the way, joined by atmospheric choir swells. Strings staccatos punctuate the atmosphere, which gain in intensity and tension driving to a huge middle drop. Epic taikos, pick up the beat and drive the track forward, with a memorable heroic horn melody setting the vibe soon joined by epic choir with rhythmic drive provided by powerful string ostinatos. The track gains in intensity giving way to a massive climax of shouting choirs, synth bleeps, massive impacts and huge synth bass.

Description: A high energy metal flavored track with a big cinematic sound. Solid guitars and bass, driven by a pounding drum rhythm and percolating synths, are backed by a large string section, then an epic choir in the climax. This track lends itself well to film, television, games, YouTube videos and other media where a bold, rocking, triumphant and cinematic vibe is desired.

Description: Massive Hybrid Cinematic Trailer is a hybrid, dramatic, guitar heavy, epic and dark blockbuster trailer cue. Mysterious, otherworldly, powerful and suspenseful. This track features a prominent and memorable theme perfectly suited for a movie opening, ending credits, or and action or sci-fi series main theme. Well suited as a dramatic trailer, action trailer, epic montage, a cinematic intro, movie credits, extreme sports, a main TV series theme, gaming videos, and much more.

Description: A bold, powerful trailer with a positive, triumphant vibe. Massive drums, and hybrid brass chords set the stage in the introduction with pulsing synths and agile staccato strings lines weaving throughout leading to a center drop. Hybrid drum kits as well as traditional brass, strings and a smooth choir, build with each repetition in intensity until the final climax that brings us back to the intro statement.

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