Description: Melodic harp that will take you away to another world of sweetness, innocence and bliss. The cue entrances its listener you will become mesmerised and lost in a place of your own memory. A cue symbolizing honesty and integrity.Great for advertising or underscore theme.

Description: Heavenly harps, beautiful and melodic, the introduction of strings and mournful cello give the cue an emotional and anxious depth but the overall feeling is one of celestial purity and innocence. Great for advertising or and underscore theme.

Description: Heart-breaking cello and strings that will pull at your heart. Emotive piano, simple sweet melody. that will be good with any soundtrack, telephony or mood changing moment. Good for product placement if you are looking for a cue that has a feeling of innocence or purity, but is also inspirational.

Description: Relaxing acoustic guitar, peaceful and melodic, introduction of electric guitar draws you into the track, string section adds warmth. Perfect for dramatic underscore and commercial/advertising. Great backround music track for relaxation.

Description: Dramatic piano underscore, perfect for moments of high drama and emotion, very pensive and thought provoking. Great music cue for documentary or reality TV if you want to pull on the heartstrings of the viewer and use for comtemplative moments of life changing decisions.

Description: Languid piano cue, pretty and innocent, the introduction of strings changes the piece giving it an uplifting mood.

Description: Atmospheric vibraphone, slightly dark but melodic, mood changes and lifts with the introduction of strings. Intergrity and honest alongside a sweet innocence good for financial product advertising and works well as a mood changing cue.

Description: Emotional and inspiring harp cue, simple sweet strings that enhance what is a stimulating and memorable track. The overall feeling is one of innocence and purity, a cue with a celestial atmosphere that would enhance any product promotion and will work well as backround music with a voiceover.

Description: Heartfelt piano cue with strings that overwhelm and hold the listener in the emotion of the moment. Enigmatic cello for a calm meditative moment. Time to reflect and longing for something lost.

Description: Stunning strings with delicous harp melody.the introduction of timpani and a male chorus builds the track, Cue has a warm happy feel with a tinkling piano section. Will work well as backround music to a voiceover.

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