Description: Create a relaxing and atmospheric mood with this track, perfect for yoga or meditation it will create a gentle and soothing moment that will relax your soul. Great for any holiday destination advert or resort promotion. Sparse and simple it will enhance any visual presentation.

Description: Ambient pads, ethnic percussion and eerie female voices create a relaxing, positive and uplifting track, perfect for corporate presentation. This track will work well as backround music or underscore. Full version of this track includes acoustic and electric guitar instrumentation.

Description: Ambient new age track, Great for corporate use, has an uplifting vibe, subtle choir voices, perfect for spa, relaxation and mood music. The track has a fresh clean feel great for product advertisment, web promo or any visual media presentation.

Description: Ambient pads and ethnic instruments create a relaxing track that has a positive and uplifting vibe. Perfect for corporate presentation/DVD/Website and will work well under a voiceover. The track has an eerie undertone of expectancy. Great track to introduce a corporate show or presentation. Will suit technology/medical/science use.

Description: Ambient pads and synths back a simple yet stunningly beautiful piano melody. This track will make you want to cry. Emotional and moving, suitable for medical drama, end of relationship, moving on, life changing moment.

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