Description: Electronic playful melody, would work well for advertising. Simple, clean but makes its point. Suitable for website, corporate, and gaming loop.

Description: Heart-breaking cello and strings that will pull at your heart. Emotive piano, simple sweet melody. that will be good with any soundtrack, telephony or mood changing moment. Good for product placement if you are looking for a cue that has a feeling of innocence or purity, but is also inspirational.

Description: Suberb trailer cue of epic proportions, think… Last of the Mohicans or Clash of the Titans, Big, Bold and Brave. A cue with striking impact, great for news, sport, or any promo feature.that you want to excite and simuale its audience!

Description: A beautiful emotional piano piece, melody remiincent of Mike Oldfield Tubular Bells. The intoduction of a deep mournful cello and strings brings in emotion with a touch of regret, to a piece.which is both enigmatic and moving

Description: Convicted is a brooding guitar track it has sweet acoustic melody that also features some searing dark industrial guitar riffs. Masculine and moody, enigmatic and narrative, the track will hypnotize you and draw its audience in, perfect for a journey moment in life. Think Jeff Beck/Santana solos

Description: Electric Wood is a rude, funky, guitar track, it has a thick organic bass line throughout, that makes you want to groove! The distorted guitar, slap bass and piercing percussion make the cue good for any exciting promo, action scene. or theme music.

Description: Acoustic guitar and melodic piano cue. Emotive and calm for a moment of soul-searching. The simplicity of the track is its strength, which evokes thoughts of life change or even a rush of pure love, certainly, a thing of beauty.

Description: Embers is a dark, brooding piano piece, suitable for a dramatic thriller or a melodramatic screen moment. The introduction of cello and violin add a depth and emotional texture to the piece, ending with an atmospheric breath.

Description: Emotional harp and acoustic guitar cue that has a childlike innocence. A lonely cello adds a touch of regret, an overwhelming sense of loss. The track later picks up pace with the intoduction of percussion, good options for edit for an underscore theme.

Description: Stunning strings with delicous harp melody.the introduction of timpani and a male chorus builds the track, Cue has a warm happy feel with a tinkling piano section. Will work well as backround music to a voiceover.

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