Description: Haunting and evocative, this is a stunning underscore music cue, classical guitar and piano with playful woodwind for an overall feeling of sweetness and innocence. The track was commisioned for a short animation to be released later in 2013 and works equally well with a voiceover or to accompany visuals

Description: Light hearted comedy underscore for family fun... Baby's day out, the cue uses brass and strings to create a warm melody that will make you smile. Wholesome family values and visions of suburbia, Home made apple pie, great for short films and TV as well as commercial/corporate use

Description: Simple Ukelele melody, sweet, innocent and childlike, beautiful strings to accompany to give and overall elegant vibe. Perfect for commercial underscore or internet advertising

Description: Exciting, weird electro vibes, this edit has unusual use of percussive sounds to give the track an upbeat rhythm but still holds on to its darker theme. the cue will play on a loop and is perfect for gaming/corporate or advertising.

Description: Playful little jazz tune, cheeky brass and saucy brush kit percussion for retro slapstick comedy charactor, perfect for comedy underscore will suit advertising and commercial uses, the vibe is light and uplifting, Good wholesome family fun.

Description: Driving electro dance track, exciting, upbeat, fast moving, perfect for advertising and ciommercial underscore, will suit young urban demographic. Has a chemical sounding vibe using synths, percussion and exciting electro clicks and sounds, will suit technology.

Description: Electro beats and melodies, exciting and uplifting music bed, great for advertising underscore, sonic synths with driving percussion and drops. This track has great options for edit, dubsteps wobbles and exciting synths that will enhamce many media productions

Description: Beautiful uplifting chimes introduce sweet strings the introduction of an acoustic guitar creates a wonderfully melodic track, good options for edit. This track is perfect for an underscore to cinematic animation, innocent and sweet, think any Japanese animation film and this is the score

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