Description: Convicted is a brooding guitar track it has sweet acoustic melody that also features some searing dark industrial guitar riffs. Masculine and moody, enigmatic and narrative, the track will hypnotize you and draw its audience in, perfect for a journey moment in life. Think Jeff Beck/Santana solos

Description: Enigmatic piano with distorted guitar, elaborate with the unexpected introduction of percussion that changes the pace of a track that seems to be following a narrative, good options for edit., would work well gaming or creating an underscore theme.

Description: Ambient pads back a simple yet stunningly beautiful piano melody. This track will make you want to cry. Emotional and moving, suitable for medical drama, end of relationship, moving on, life changing moment. (Alternative mix available with percussion)

Description: Hybrid music track, classical piano with contemporary distorted guitar. Emotional and moving, darker element and the suprising introduction of a fast paced percussive loop. Lots of options to edit and cut the cue up due to the changing nature of the track. Great for Film score.

Description: Stunning electric bass solo. Beautiful and melodic, uplifting and gentle. Great for holiday, travel advert or TV Spot/product placement. Good warm family values, wholesome and safe. Alternate versions available with either cello.or brush kit.

Description: Stunning electric bass solo. Will work well under a voice over. Beautifully melodic, perfect way to start a day. Sunrise over a deserted beach, daybreak, nothing could go wrong when morning starts like this. Great for holiday advert, travel promotion or underscore nature programme.

Description: Stunning piano melody, uplifting and warm, great underscore cue, family values, wholesome or a moments thought. A bright feeling of new beginnings and happy carefree times. Perfect for travel, landscape or commercial use

Description: Ethnic percussion with ambient pads, great for filmscore. The cue is well suited to dramatic underscore and has a thought provoking narrative combined with the right visual, it will tell you a story.

Description: Ambient atmospheres, ethnic perscussion along side a dark brooding electric guitar. Great for cinematic underscore or corporate presentation. Element of suspense...something about to happen

Description: Original and inventive dubstep style track, enigmatic piano break provides a cinematic element whilst staying with a dubstep beat and effects. Fresh sounding underscore with a driving force that is very original.

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