Description: A beautiful emotional piano piece, melody remiincent of Mike Oldfield Tubular Bells. The intoduction of a deep mournful cello and strings brings in emotion with a touch of regret, to a piece.which is both enigmatic and moving

Description: Embers is a dark, brooding piano piece, suitable for a dramatic thriller or a melodramatic screen moment. The introduction of cello and violin add a depth and emotional texture to the piece, ending with an atmospheric breath.

Description: Forgotton features an enigmatic harp with melodic piano with sentimental strings. The style is romantic, gentle and elegant with a sentimental tone invoking angelic innocence. Heavenly and pastoral it takes you to a place of elegance and beauty and leaves with a thought of what might have been..

Description: Mournful solo violin and piano cue, poignant and melacholic with a heartfelt sense of woe. Both elegant and despairing, the cue will create a dramatic atmosphereric moment.

Description: Acoustic nylon string guitar with mournful violin, elegant, leaving a heartfelt sense of loss. This is an emotional amd moving cue suitable for both game and creating a fantastic dramatic theme for underscore.

Description: Sensational sweeping strings for a moment of high drama, cue ends with a flourish. Good for gaming or transition. Bright and exciting ehough to take you and your breath away. Great for moments of high fdrama or classical product placement.

Description: Anguished and melodic piano, heartfelt and emotive for a moment's soul searching. The piano slowly builds with final notation that will leave you breathless.

Description: Startling strings with percussion that will make your heart jump, a mournful cello plays in the backround. Introduction of bass and guitar gives the cue complexity and variation. Great for any car commercial, web promo or product presentation that you want to steal attention or if you are looking for a show stopping theme, then look no further...

Description: Fast-paced exciting guitar cue, sharp piercing strings, suitable for any intro, web promo or would work well as an action theme.

Description: This cue was inspired by John Murphy's "In The House", Piano and percussion work well here to create a tense mood, very dramatic and thrilling. Great for underscore cue if you are looking for a edge of seat suspense.

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