Description: Atmospheric pads alongside ethnic sounds and sparse piano, cinematic melody that is incredibly moving but simple. Will suit cinematic underscore and compliment any visual. This is a cue that soars it has a feeling of flight and other worlds, great for fantasy!

Description: Melodic percussion and ambient pads weave an emotional texture for a moments soul searching. Perfect for cinematic underscore, scenes of natural beauty or travel, has many advertising uses and has a very relaxing vibe

Description: Atmospheric pads and percussion provide a track that is perfect for cinematic underscore, the vibe is ethnic and peaceful. Beautiful filmscore music with a hint of things to come, will work well as an underscore for opening scenes. Great for fantasy or advertising products promoting well-being.

Description: Beautiful ambient melody with soft sparse piano keys to add poignant emotion, the cue is well suited to cinematic underscore for a moments meditation. Lost in thought. natural beauty... this is the vibe of the track. Perfect to advertise products promoting well being

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