Description: Enigmatic harps with melodic piano and sentimental strings. The style is romantic, gentle and elegant with a sentimental tone invoking angelic innocence. Heavenly and pastoral it takes you to a place of elegance and beauty and leaves with a thought of what might have been..

Description: Lush piano melody, warm and satisfying with an uplifting vibe that brings a smile to your face. Wholesome, Good and heartwarming leaving you with feeling of peace and tranquility.

Description: Dramatic piano underscore with light percussion, perfect for moments of high drama and emotion, very pensive and thought provoking. Great music cue for documentary or reality TV if you want to pull on the heartstrings of the viewer and use for comtemplative moments of life changing decisions.

Description: Beautiful emotional piano and cello cue, melodic and enigmatic. Great underscore or backround cue for dramatic life changing moments where life will never be the same again. Poignant for moments of deep thought and decision making.

Description: A beautiful emotional piano piece, melody remiincent of Mike Oldfield Tubular Bells. The intoduction of a deep mournful cello and strings brings in emotion with a touch of regret, to a piece.which is both enigmatic and moving

Description: Romantic and sweet piano melody perfect for reality shows and documentaries. Will suit romance or tender scenes. Great for underscore or wedding music theme, very beautiful music. Soft and emotional melody that fells carefree and lost in the moment for soundscape for Film, TV, travel or holidays.

Description: Heart-breaking cello and strings that will pull at your heart. Perfect for underscore, Emotive piano, simple sweet melody. That will be good with any soundtrack, telephony or mood changing moment. Good for product placement if you are looking for a cue that has a feeling of innocence or purity, but is also inspirational.

Description: Beautiful melodic piano cue, pretty and innocent, the introduction of a choir and strings changes the mood of the track giving it an uplifting vibe. Will work well as a dramatic or romantic underscore and equally well as product advertising underscore.

Description: Heartfelt piano cue with strings that overwhelm and hold the listener in the emotion of the moment. Enigmatic cello for a calm meditative moment. Time to reflect and longing for something lost. Great for dramatic underscore or advertising a product you can trust.

Description: Emotional piano melody, both classical and contemporary. As the tracks moves a lighter piano and then strings to give a wonderful cinematic theme to any underscore theme. Very moving yet simple enough not to detract from the visual. Perfect for soul searching life changing moments

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