Description: Tragic classical guitar with beautiful emotional strings, traditional european gypsy style melody of despair and lost love. Heartbreak, broken hearts and lost loves. Will work well as an underscore if you are looking for a Godfather soundtrack type track, perfect for dramatic underscore.

Description: Electric Guitar, warm strings and laid back kit create an suberb cue that has an emotional vibe that makes you smile, sit back and remember the good times. Great track for commercial underscore, wholesome, family values and a product you can trust.

Description: Contemporary and classical, beautiful piano and orchestral strings, great for emotional underscore, a mournful cello adds a touch of depth, very melodic and heart wrenching, cinematic and will have many media uses.

Description: A heartfelt and poignant version of the tradtional hymn 'Jerusalem', written by Sir Hubert Parry in 1916. Very proud and touching emotional solo brass arrangement. Great for depicting patriotic, traditional times especially for England & UK. Documentary & Commercials

Description: This is England's green rolling hills, pastoral scenes of times gone by. Good dramatic underscore, has a religious and nostalgic vibe.

Description: Beautiful melancholic brass solo, very English, green fields and pastoral lands. Rule Britannia, great for dramatic underscore. This is the sound of the North of England Colliery bands, think Brassed Off.

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