Description: Electronic playful melody, suitable for advert. Simple, clean but makes its point.

Description: Simple repetitive melody made up of electro rhythms with percussion, vibe is smooth and flowing, good sound for telecoms advert has a science technology feel will work well for underscore for advertising or product placement. Great for corporate uses seeking a smooth simple audio underscore

Description: Time is now, almost robotic, electro track, great for advertising if you want a modern high tech science vibe. Fast electronic sounds move the track alond so willl work well as underscore to a visual. The melody is simple enough to compliment a visual without detracting from the product itself.

Description: Extremley naughty jazzy music cue, so cheeky it almost swaggers! Upright bass with brush kit percussion and some really cheeky brass, saucy melody will work as a character underscore think Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau. And you have the vibe of the track.

Description: Staccato cello intro with violin and sparse melodic piano keys, superb for commercial and advertising a product you can trust, great for family fun comedy underscore, Wholesome and trustworthy, family values, financial products Think diaper and nappy advertising or any finacial product. Wisteria Lane and Desperate Houswives comedy underscore

Description: Percussion and double bass work together to create a playful hide and seek melody, good for commercial and advertising, vibrant, lively and cheeky will suit finacial products if you want to bring a wholesome family values you can trust kind of vibe.

Description: Fantastic retro jazz tune, think Peter Sellers in the Pink Panther, Spies and espionage, game of cat and mouse. Double bass and brass, this cue has so many uses from comedy underscore to commercial product advertising. Will add a touch of light hearted fun to any visual.

Description: Light hearted comedy underscore for family fun... Baby's day out, the cue uses brass and strings to create a warm melody that will make you smile. Wholesome family values and visions of suburbia, Home made apple pie, great for short films and TV as well as commercial/corporate use

Description: Synthetic loop melody, sweet and simple, spacious and melodic, good for corporate and commercial use, will work for presentation or website. Wholesome and innocent, very playful melody which will work on childrens TV and animation. plays on a perfect loop.

Description: Dramatic piano underscore with light percussion, perfect for moments of high drama and emotion, very pensive and thought provoking. Great music cue for documentary or reality TV if you want to pull on the heartstrings of the viewer and use for comtemplative moments of life changing decisions.

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