Description: Light-hearted comedy underscore, perfect for wholesome family fun, childrens TV, reality shows for comedic scenes. Music to make you smile, warm, whimsical and uplifting, great for commercial and advertising.

Description: Playful piano tune with tinkling percussion and ambient synth sounds to create a playful melody that is a touch on the naughty side! Great for comedy underscore and childrens TV for a playful moment with an element of mischief and suspense.

Description: Percussion and double bass work together to create a playful hide and seek melody, whoesome family values, good for commercial and advertising, vibrant, lively and cheeky will suit comedy underscore for kids/family TV

Description: Sparse piano keys introduce this cheeky playful music cue, perf chimes, perfect for comedy underscore or commercial and advertising. Lots of comedy sounds and playful. Will work as a charactor theme for childrens TV or animation and will introduce an element of light hearted fun to any visual.

Description: Playful, light bouncy piano and orchestral strings work together to create a superb comedy music cue, would suit childrens TV and has many commercial/advertising uses. Perfect comedy underscore for wholesome family fun. Late introduction of brass for a rump a pump visual joke! Good for visual Humour.

Description: Fantastic retro jazz tune, think Peter Sellers in the Pink Panther, Spies and espionage, game of cat and mouse. Double bass and brass, this cue has so many uses from comedy underscore to commercial product advertising. Will add a touch of light hearted fun to any visual.

Description: Light and playful instrumental version of this classic from Bizet's opera Carmen. Elegant cellos with a light piano for an orchestral version that becomes playful and sweet, tender and wholesome, great for commercial and advertising, children's productions, or any scene needing sneaky, yet fun and highly recognizable music.

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