Description: Sweet and simple banjo melody suited to advert, web promo and will also sync up to visuals if you need an innocent, wholesome vibe. Will work as a simple underscore that will enhance but not detract from the visual.

Description: Playful little jazz tune, retro slapstick comedy charactor, perfect for comedy underscore will suit advertising and commercial uses, the vibe is light and uplifting, Good wholesome family fun. Cue has quite a mischievous vibe, Great underscore for comedy charactor or comedy sketch, very nostalgic

Description: Fantastic retro jazz tune, think Peter Sellers in the Pink Panther, Spies and espionage, game of cat and mouse. Double bass and brass, this cue has so many uses from comedy underscore to commercial product advertising. Will add a touch of light hearted fun to any visual. Instrumental, Action Music, Action Theme RnB Retro Kitsch

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