Description: A song for Kids with funny old computer sounds. Ideal for cartoon or Kids TV show.

Description: Jingle for action movie, spy film or action videogames with a sixties touch, in a modern groove. Un jingle pour films d'action, d'espionnage ou pour jeux vidéo d'action, avec une touche sixties dans une groove actuelle.

Description: A theme for comedy, humoristic, and happy videos.

Description: A dynamic brit rock dance song influenced by Blur, Two Door Cinema Club, Franz Ferdinand and a USA touch with Vampire Weekend and Electric Guest. A mix of synth and a catchy electric guitar for a groovy mood.

Description: This is an original composition for all your corporate media! In this track, you have all you need for a good animation with after effects or others. A song with positive acoustic arrangements using the Ukulele, Glockenspiel, Bells, Piano, Strings and Happy Clapping. “Ok Go” is a uplifting business / corporate track that brings images of business success, productivity and growth. On Audiomicro, you'll find the complete version, a 1 minute Commercial Edit version and a 30 secs Commercial Edit version that you can use for different project.

Description: A corporate song influenced by the new rock folk scene, by groups like Mumfors & Sons, The Lumineers, of monsters and men, etc...with acoustic guitar, Ukulele, lots of percussions, accordion, clap hands, podorythmy, honky tonk piano, bells and glockenspiel. Very melodic, organic, uplifting, happy, with a positive mood.

Description: Can we reinvent the Christmas song? I do not think so. But you can put different ingredients to make it taste anything else. A bit of "Jingle Bell Rock", a little slow House beat, a bit of Reggae or funk, of course Sleigh Bells and Chimes and you've got an other flavor. Let's taste it.

Description: A sixties TV Show theme kind of music. Royalty Free Music and Stock Music for Creative Audio Visual Projects Including YouTube, TV, Film, PowerPoint, Flash, and All Media.

Description: A little piece of music for film, movie, video, cartoon, with a sad mood.

Description: A Rolling Stones Sound-Alike with blues feel, energy, very sixties and British. A mixed Influences by Honky Tonk Woman, Start Me Up and Brown Sugar. Classic rock...

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