Description: I lost five pounds composing this warm up - cool down Aerobic workout music.

Description: Doctors dramatically try to figure out what is making you sick.

Description: You smell the odor of cigarettes and expensive perfume. Try to listen to the band over the crowd noise.

Description: You can use this hydraulic lift to lift or lower most anything.

Description: Dramatic orchestration then a contemporary groove comes in at 52 seconds.

Description: The Genie can grant your three wishes of fun, fitness and friendship.

Description: The chase goes on and I don't think you can catch them.

Description: It's like driving a Range Rover with A.C., leather seats and a great stereo into the Australian Outback.

Description: A sci-fi machine with a metallic conveyer belt type sound. Sound effect for film production.

Description: Yeeee ow! A rock and roll exclamation point with a background cymbal

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