Description: Positive and inspirational light music to create a mood of serenity. Gentle and soulful sound of the ukulele. Simple and catchy melody. Just add some ocean FX and you will discover such an excellent combination!

Description: A bright, uplifting pop/rock track that combines a classic rock setup with with orchestral elements. The leading guitar lick is accompanied by strings, orchestral bells and piano, backed up by a strong bass and powerful drums. This positive track represents power, optimism and confidence

Description: Uplifting and motivational pop track with etno elements expressing a lot of positivity and strong confidence. Suitable for various projects. Enjoy!

Description: Background track perfect for any motivation or inspiration projects

Description: Sound like a little bit of America. Acoustic guitars, banjo, fiddle, bells, stomps and claps, drums and bass. Perfect for weedding presentations,slide show,video projects.

Description: This song features a beautiful, catchy melody, interesting, uplifting arrangement and an inspiring overall vibe. It was engineered with a specific intention to sound very natural and relaxing so it pleases everybody’s ears!

Description: Tranquil, beautiful, melodious track. Perfect for photo and video editing movies, trailers, animation, corporate presentations.

Description: This piece is perfect or a cinematic film intro, montage, or trailer. It also falls into a slow-moving break beat.The piano adds suspense to the piece up front, eventually accompanied by strings and then falling into a steady drum beat. Even though the beat is pushed into the background, each instrument is intricately compressed and balanced to give it that cinematic strength and power.

Description: Melodic track in a melancholic mood. Track saturated orchestral instruments ,percussion, piano and modern beat. Created for dreamers. Nice ambient vibe.

Description: A haunting and mesmerizing solo guitar piece with melancholy overtones and beautiful cascading phrases. Great for setting a dreamy and reflective vibe full of complex emotional moods. Hopefulness mixed with regret, the passage of time, determination and sacrifice are all present here. Great for commercials, film, videos, and more.

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