Description: Water World is an uptempo instrumental about a guy on his senior trip to Florida.

Description: Lazy Days is a mid temp instrumental song about a clown having the day off of work. You can almost see him dancing through the house.

Description: Stir Up A Hunger is an uptempo instrumental track that makes you just want to dance the night away or the day for that matter

Description: Castle Lane Funk is a futuristic uptempo instrumental track that you ooking for a Savior in the distance.

Description: Make You Come-Put the kids to bed and make sure the curtains are drawn. This is an upbeat song about a wild night of fun and passion.

Description: We Came To Party is a straight party track, better warn the neighbors.

Description: Working For My Lord is an uptempo instrumental track about modern day servants working for equality knowing one day the Lord will redeem them.

Description: Odyssey 13 is an upbeat futuristic song that leaves you wondering what the aliens might be listening to on planet X.

Description: Cowboy Ballad is an uptempo Western about Billy the kid meeting DJ Ice.

Description: Carrie's Carnival is a midtempo instrumental track that is about a girl who leaves her hometown and runs away with the carnival.

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