Description: Forever Hoping is a long (4-plus-minute), slow, beautiful piece of music that steadily builds and grows increasingly bold throughout its duration. It is a wonderful choice as a musical backdrop for your latest film or video project. It can stand alone, or play softly in the background as a narrator tells your story.

Description: This is a three-plus minute corporate track that can serve several purposes. You can use it as an extended intro or outro for your video, or simply pick a section of your choice and discard the rest. It builds steadily throughout it's length and is very versatile and exciting! Percussion kicks in at 1:20 and adds further to the upbeat nature of the song. Many instruments came together in the creation of this track, including: 4 electric guitars, 2 acoustic guitars, 2 drum kits, a full orchestral string section, and several different pads to add atmosphere. Enjoy!

Description: Enter the gunslingers! One Bad Hombre is a nod to the Hollywood spaghetti westerns of old. It’s a dirty, grimy little song featuring an array of four guitars – two acoustic and two electric. A simple drum pattern knocks out the rhythm to this rootin’ tootin’ six shootin’ dust up!

Description: Have you been searching for an upbeat, cheerful acoustic background for your project? Look no further, my friend! Happy Acoustic Loop 1 is the perfect choice for you. It immediately puts the listener in a relaxed and happy frame of mind, ready to pay full attention to the message you are trying to deliver in your production. Enjoy!

Description: Tropical Summer Party is a Caribbean delight! It’s an upbeat, happy song with a very positive and lively vibe! Featuring steel drums, marimbas, acoustic, electric and bass guitars as well as a drum kit, this song is sure to both please and excite any listener.

Description: Happy Feet is a bouncing romp of high-energy fun! It features many synths and pads and has a cheery lead with just enough switch-ups to keep the listener interested without the song calling too much attention to itself.

Description: Exactly 60 seconds of exciting, dramatic, orchestral intro music. Timpanis, punctuated by spicatto strings and cymbals, and filled out with brass, full string section, and woodwinds, "Big 60 Second Intro" steadily builds to a giant wall of sound and is sure to please all who seek a great big intro for their next project! Enjoy! :)

Description: This is a very exciting and catchy piece of music that will have listeners tapping their feet and nodding their heads. Great for any corporate, motivational, or promotional video. Be creative and have fun with it!

Description: This is a slow, very somber, and very sad song, telling a tale of great tragedy.

Description: Asian Prayer is a very gentle and soothing song that calms tense nerves and relaxes the soul. Highly useful as your first music of choice in any production featuring an Asian theme!

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