Description: Light Neutral-Tense Orchestral Texture with Harp and Piano creates a Tense Background to a Deeper Darkness.

Description: Hard Hitting and Bold Hip Hop Underscore featuring Inspiring Brass, Program Drums, Organ, Piano and Strings that creates a Confident and Swaggering mood.

Description: Upbeat and Sunny Underscore featuring Fun Acoustic Guitar, Hand Clapping and Quirky Percussion that Makes You Dance in Your Seat and creates a Feel-Good and Positive mood.

Description: A pleasant waltz played by solo piano with a gentle pace and an element of sadness.

Description: A dramatic yet curious solo piano motif that sees an air of darkness transform into hopefulness.

Description: Attitude and Hard featuring Urban Synths, Bass and Programmed Drums that create an Unsettling and Dangerous mood.

Description: A new day with new determination and bright hope, light and airy acoustic guitar building with driving drums and determined mood.

Description: A pastoral view of lush green Americana landscape, warm and happy acoustic guitars with sparse and Country percussion.

Description: Dramatic solo piano rises and falls between hopefulness and melancholia, reveling in moments of emotion.

Description: A calming, emotive solo piano motif is repeated, finding a delicate balance between melancholia and optimism.

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