Description: Yoga, New Age Journey Through a Brooke Filled Forest.

Description: Rage Against Machine style instrumental rock anthem.

Description: High Energy 70s Instrumental guitar rock.

Description: Dark, dramatic, sci-fi score featuring tolling bell and theramin. halloween

Description: Suspenseful, dark , creepy, tension filled, ambient soundscape. Perfect for film/TV

Description: solo acoustic guitar, fast tempo, bouncy, Russian, ethnic

Description: Pulsing, Metal instrumental with Theramin. Halloween

Description: Uptempo, Renaissance Middle Earth Style Belly Dance Acoustic Instrumental.

Description: Amy Whinehouse, Duffy, Peggy Lee, Alabama Shakes, sexy female vocals, bluesy rock like White Stripes, fuzz guitar, blues, alternative, Cat Power, Janis Joplin

Description: Bouncy, fun, quirky song with human whistle lead.

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