Description: Sound recording of a school bus pulling up to pick up a rider, stopping, and then pulling away and driving off again.

Description: Sound recording of a tired baby or infant crying loudly and slowly wearing itself out.

Description: Sound recording of some ice cubes clinking around in a cocktail glass.

Description: Stereo sound recording of a car or other vehicle slamming into a barricade or road block at high speed and squealing to a stop with the debris.

Description: Small group of people groaning or grumbling in annoyed disbelief.

Description: Loop ready stereo ambience of suburbia at night. Crickets and other insects chirp and sing among the sleepy streets and houses.

Description: A classic whoosh sound effect that's perfect for adding life to moving logos and text or motion graphics, or for transitions or emphasizing movement in sound design.

Description: Sound recording of someone turning on the faucet in a sink and letting the water run for a while before turning it off again.

Description: Sound recording of the iconic "Huey" helicopter flying over head. This Bell UH-1 "Iroiquois" was used extensively during the Vietnam War for carrying infantry into combat as well as medevac runs.

Description: Loop ready ambience or sound effect recording of a basketball game taking place in a large arena with a boisterous crowd cheering, yelling and booing along with the game.

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