Description: A scary voice saying "You Will Die!" in an aggressive manor.

Description: A recording of a small gentle creek or river. This audio file loops seamlessly to create a sense of relaxation or serenity in any project.

Description: A funny cartoon voice saying "Hey, Cut that out!" In a wimpy and pathetic manner.

Description: A recording of a nice section of Vancouver's annual Christmas Parade. Marching band, Christmas music, and Crowd ambiance.

Description: A deep voice saying "Invincible" With a slight reverberant echo.

Description: Santa Clause saying Merry Christmas!

Description: A Prize Wheel Spinning, similar to a familiar game show. Could also be used as a toy machine gun sound, or a roulette wheel.

Description: A funny cartoon voice saying "Good Job" In a rewarding way.

Description: A zombie, or monster, or alien creature devouring and consuming it's victims corpse.

Description: A sequence of a female answering machine voice, sounds robotic, almost futuristic…Yet from the past...

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