Description: Bright, fast and simple solo 3-note sounder. Great for announcements, logo, button, games, production element.

Description: Classic, chime type of sounder. Warm bell like sound. Great for announcements, buttons, idents, logo, production element. 04sec

Description: Bright, heraldic, royal trumpet fanfare. Featuring 3 trumpets. Production element for a wide variety of uses. 05sec

Description: Prestigious, urgent and authoritative news and current affairs theme. Features strings, horn section, timps, sequencers over a steady beat. Main theme, logo front, middle extended bed, end logo & rhythm bed.

Description: Traditional American sports stadium rally call, played on the hammond organ. Ideal for indoor sports event chants, baseball, hockey etc., Comprises of 3 ascending figures which gradually speed up, stops, ending with a rally call.

Description: Short pretty logo featuring synth bells to chord 5 notes. Ideal for adding AV graphics to or as Sounder. 12sec

Description: Big, bold, prestigious and proud ident or logo. Features timps, trumpets and keyboards. Perfect for company logo graphics, audio visual and films. Full mix 13sec and version without end chord.

Description: Epic Sci-fi music fanfare opening, in the style of Star Wars or Star Trek. Features slower more ethereal opening rising to military middle section, ending with full crescendo fanfare played by a full orchestra. Think of the Star Ship Enterprise majestic as it slowly drifts through outer space. 60sec, 30sec and sting

Description: Beautifully rich, regal & prestigious Royal fanfare. Perfect for ROYAL WEDDINGS. Features four trumpets in unison - simple yet atmospheric and effective. Great for use with Royal Wedding TV coverage, commercials, historic, documentary

Description: Classic, big & important heraldic fanfare. Features trumpet, trombone and horns brass section with big percussion. Ideal for historic through to modern day.

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