Description: Jovial, light and carefree whimsical theme, quintessentially English and typical of the Victorian or Edwardian period. Ladies and gentlemen of all classes promenading in the park, taking in the fresh air and slightly quirky characters. Great for Reality TV, Comedy, Slapstick & Children's TV. Main, 60sec and 30sec mixes plus underscores

Description: Classic Bavarian style drinking song, played with traditional instrumentation. Jolly, happy-go-lucky foot-tapping circular tune, typical German traditional music. You can almost smell the beer and the leather Lederhosen. Great for travelogue, documentaries, historic & commercials. 60sec & 30sec versions

Description: Upbeat, lively French Jazz style track. Very catchy, friendly and happy tune that makes you want to tap along with your feet. Features acoustic guitars, walking double bass, brush drum kit and whistling. Perfect for light hearted radio and television commercials that want to raise a smile. 60sec and 30sec versions with or without whistling

Description: Playful, evaluating and provocative waltz. Gentle and friendly, but a little cautious and hesitant - like meeting on a first date. This characterful piece features accordions, which give it a quirky European feel. Great for reality TV through to Radio and Television commercials. 60sec and 30sec full and light mixes

Description: Old English processional May dance that conjours up warm summer afternoons enjoying this slow-med dance performed by traditional cloggers or Morris dancers. Features tradtional instruments - fiddles, melodeons, bell-sticks, whistle, drums. Also known as 'The Floral Dance'. Main mix & 30sec mix.

Description: Jolly, medieval or baroque, 'Ye Olde' England uptempo jig. Featuring oboe, traditional percussion, lute. 30sec Commercial

Description: Regal and stately grand orchestral version of Great Britain's national anthem. The 3 verse version opens with string orchestra, middle woodwind section and ends with full orchestra. The 1 verse 40sec version is strings & orchestra.

Description: Jolly, old English, maypole dance featuring traditional instrumentation. Uptempo historic style theme from around the medieval period. Main mix, underscore and 30 sec cuts available

Description: Solo Harmonica version of the traditional World War One song Its a Long Way To Tipperary. This slow/medium paced, poignant version, is thoughtful and reflective, and was popular among soldiers who fought in the first world war. Perfect for use in documentary and news as we commemorate 100 years.

Description: Lively, upbeat and catchy French style jazz. Out for a drive, zipping around the rural French countryside in your Citroen C5. Very jaunty and whimsical. Features violin, acoustic guitars, whistle, acoustic bass, brush drum kit. Great for commercials, comedy, reality TV. 60sec, 30sec & underscores

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