Description: Bubbly and crazy, off-the-wall, dance groove with a steady beat. Great for electonic games and commercial. Versions with or without musical computer Fx. 30sec commercial

Description: Light, jolly and perky cartoon or childrens activity. Features lyrical synth lead along with marimba. 30 sec full mix and 30 sec underscore provided

Description: Full orchestral onslaught into the world of crimebusting superheros. Dramatic score in 3 movements with pulsating rhythm, big strings, brass punctuations and military snare. Main mix, 60, 30, 30, 30 sec cuts

Description: Light slapstick, comic, happy go lucky theme, featuring wah wah trombone. Various mixes and cut downs

Description: Good natured, happy and bouncy childrens TV cartoon style theme. Mid tempo with synth lead

Description: Fast, fun and lively circus music - the perfect accompaniment to slapstick clown routines & juggling acts. Crazy, wild and knockabout antics. Takes you right back to that front row seat in the big top. Also great for animal antics, cartoons, children's TV, Out-Takes. Various cuts - main, 30sec & sting

Description: Quirky electronic commercial. Uptempo and uplifting, wild and wacky, featuring musical computer style sounds with a strong and catchy groove. Very distinctive, perfect for radio and television adverts for electronic products, fashion or products for children. Mixes with and without vocal - 60sec and 30sec

Description: Magical and wondrous Fairytale theme. Light, bright and sparkling orchestral fantasy adventure, that gracefully adds a sprinkling of fairy magic. Perfect for cartoon animation, fantasy adventure movies and beautiful, snow covered, winter scenes. Also great for radio and television commercials. 60sec and 30sec, full and light mixes

Description: Magical and wondrous fantasy. Step into a world of Wizards and magic spells. Think Hogwarts and you won't be far away. This orchestral cinematic fantasy is full of flourishes, crescendos, stops and sparkly bits. Perfect for Film, drama, quirky TV reality and radio or television adverts. 60sec and 30sec full and underscore mixes

Description: Magical, fairytale adventure. Far away, deep in an enchanted forest, shafts of sunlight break through the dense tree canopy to the forest floor, illuminating the wings of the forest fairies as they play and dance. Perfect for creating a magical, wondrous feel for snow scenes or anytime. 60 & 30sec

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