Description: Full orchestral onslaught into the world of crimebusting superheros. Dramatic score in 3 movements with pulsating rhythm, big strings, brass punctuations and military snare. Main mix, 60, 30, 30, 30 sec cuts

Description: Eerie, chilling, dark atmosphere. Minimal, yet perfect for dark historic documentaries, ghostly tales, or grisly crime scene discoveries. Main mix, drone mix, 60 and 30 sec versions

Description: Modern, rolling & circular electronic underscore. Denotes a serious air, so perfect for technical data presentations, slightly gloomy subject matter such as financial downturn and documentary. Features long ethereal chords with electronic sequencer rhythmic patterns

Description: Slow, cautious, dark, moody and sinister. Feel the tension, as something unpleasant awaits just around the corner. Features dark piano, pulsating gritty synth, sound design, cresendos. Opens with dramatic statements and develops into steady theme. Various mixes and cuts

Description: Slowly building orchestral tension underscore. Steady rhythmic strings combine with male voice choir and military snares to produce a steadily growing classical style bed. Ideal for documentary or reailty tv. Main mix, Main mix without snares, Drone mix, Middle movement, 60sec, 30sec and sting versions

Description: Dark, eerie and sinister soundscape. Darkness falls, and there's something or someone lurking, not too far away. Subtle yet dramatic orchestral soundscape, with crescendos and effects. Perfect for film and television, drama or horror, where inobtrusive mood music is needed. Main, 60sec and 30sec full and underscore mixes

Description: Dark, cold and foreboding journey into a crime-ridden underworld. The main mix features a lead electric guitar and is perfect for a detective style theme. Whereas the underscore provides a rhythmic pulsating dirty and atmospheric backdrop or accompaniment. Perfect for drama, documentary and TV. Main, 60,30 and sting, main and underscore mixes

Description: Epic, orchestral cinematic underscore, slow but powerful and gigantic vista. Ethereal beginning, then builds and develops to dramatic chords with complimented by a choir. Think massive space ship slowly drifting in space approaching an unknown planet or dark evil underground world. Epic Film score. Main & short 60sec cut

Description: Desperately sad, reflective and mournful light atmospheric theme. Simplistic, desolate and slow with slight tension. Great for documentary and drama, from horrible histories to the aftermath of war, from a mass murder scene to desperate loneliness. TV, Film, Multimedia and Radio. Main mix, 30sec and underscore versions

Description: Edgy, dramatic and tense big sounding theme. Repetitive piano statement puctuated with thrusting strings and synth pads. Great for thrillers, drama, crime and documentary. Main mix, 60, 30, 10sec versions

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